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Brent Jones

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Our motto for the 2022-23 school year is Bringing Our Best Can Achieve Top Success: in  Character, Classroom, Competition, and Career!

We want to be excellent in every aspect of our involvement this year: academics, athletics, extra-curricular and culture.  At Paxton, every student is encouraged to “Bring Our Best” reach new heights in Excellence in all areas of education. This year, we will focus on getting better every day. We don’t have to be perfect, no one can be, but if we get just 1% better every day, then imagine where we will be next year! This will take maximum effort and focus. I know that we can do it. 

            I am challenging every student, staff member, parent and community member to focus on this goal so that Paxton will be the best K-12 school in the state. We currently are ranked second. I know that we can get even better. I want every student to set high expectations and goals for themselves and hold their fellow students accountable for their goals. We must dream BIG together to achieve greatness. I am thankful for all the effort and positivity from you all. Keep up the great work ethic and attitude!


Go Bobcats!

Brent Jones
Principal - Paxton School


Assistant Principal

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Brian Morgan

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Dean of Students

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Nate Moore

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