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Memo: Amended Tardy Policy (Beginning 2019 Spring Semester)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

School attendance is mandated by state law and is essential to a student’s academic progress. Tardiness for first period has become a major issue. Since the first day of school, there have been 134 students in grades 6-12 that have been tardy with a total of 428 tardies for first period. This is an enormous amount of classroom disruptions and loss of instructional time for our first period teachers and students. In order to address this issue, we ask that all students be in their seats by 7:44 a.m. each morning ready for instruction.

Beginning the second semester, an amended tardy policy will be implemented. All students arriving late more than two times within a 9-week grading period will be required to participate in tardy detention each morning they are late thereafter during that 9-week grading period.

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance as we work together to address chronic tardiness. We want to make every effort to ensure our students have every opportunity to meet their academic goals.


Cindy Neale


Welcome Students

Paxton School proudly welcomes all students to the Home of the Bobcats, where we do everything with PRIDE, PASSION, and PURPOSE in EPIC proportions! Paxton strives to give all students an educational, enjoyable, and exciting school experience through which they can achieve their goals. This website provides many resources that can help you during your time here. Administration, staff, and faculty members are always available to assist you. We hope you will take advantage of the many educational and extracurricular opportunities we have to offer at Paxton. Welcome to Bobcat Country!


 Paxton School provides each student a high- quality education which engages them in the academic skills necessary to becoming life-long learners and productive citizens in our society


Paxton School enables student achievement with a dynamic faculty devoted to high academic standards and a commitment to continuous stduetn succes.

Absences and Tardy Rules

We ask that you send a note of absence not only when your child misses a day of school but also when they check in or out.  Even if you come in the office to get them or drop them off, please write a note for the classes they miss.  Verbal communication will no longer be a means of having their absence excused.  There must be written communication, signed and dated.  Students have 3 days from the date of absence to bring a parent note in and 3 days from date of absence to bring a medical note. 

Also, when writing the notes, please add your child’s LAST NAME along with their first.

2018-2019 ACT/SAT Dates

Prices for ACT Exam: