Paxton's 7th and 8th grade technology students have been learning a lot about coding so far this year. In their class, where they are in the ICT Essentials program, students are learning how to edit existing algorithms and create their own. To put the concept into a new perspective for the students, Miss McMillan's class completed an activity in which they used block segments to create their own small obstacle course for their lego figure to go through. The students had to write out an algorithm that others could easily follow in order to complete the obstacle course. They students did an excellent job with this activity and were very creative in the process. Way to be EPIC, Bobcats!

Pictured Left: Collin Stewart and Madison Falk

Pictures Below: 

Top Right: Hydie Varnum and James Thorn. Top Middle Left: Mary Fleming and Joseph Senn. Top Middle Right: Ava Claire Jones, Kaley Norris, and Ricky Hammingh. Middle Left: Charlie Logan and Chase Schanz. Middle Right: Dylan McKee and Bryce Woods. Bottom Left: Jocelyn Jones, Amya Brustie, and Trevor Schottroff. Bottom Middle: Abby Murphy, Caleb Ard, Jeffrey Wilson. Bottom Right: Rebekah Adams.